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Mission Statement of the Healthiest
Town in America

The Healthiest Town in America will educate and inform the general public on the recognition, prevention, and reversal of Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Diseases.
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What is the Healthiest Town In America?
Healthiest Town in America is an initiative that challenges you, your family and your community to take vital small steps and make small changes to a healthier way of life.

America on the Move and Activate Tucson recruited Drs. Bob and Deb Oro of Oro Dental Medicine to launch an initiative for all of the communities in Northern Pima County. Drs. Oro are the founders of the Healthiest Town in America initiative in Oro Valley.

Its goal is to offer simple steps to being more active and creating a healthier lifestyle.

Here is all you need to get invovled!
1. Wear a pedometer
2. Track your daily results by logging into your FREE personal account that you can sign up for here.
3. Pledge to not gain any weight for one full year.